On arrival please park in the car parking space marked “3” which is the second from the left as you look at the property. In the photo on the right our brown Renault Scenic is parked in the correct bay. You can also park on the road if you have more than one car.

DSCF4628Getting In

You will have been given the code to get into the front door. Upstairs, by the apartment front door on the first floor is the key safe.

The Surf Store is at the side of the building; up the stairs you can see here or out through our back gate.

Welcome Pack

The apartment is set up to have all linen and towels provided as well as toilet paper and hand-wash in the bathrooms. There are some additional items, such as bin bags, under the sink in the kitchen. Our current Welcome Pack is shown here;

Instruction Booklets

Most of the instruction booklets can be found in the flat but we couldn’t find these so here they are;

Access Report

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