Coming Back On-line

Well, as of this coming weekend we are open again and receiving guests. To prepare for this we spent a couple of days in the apartmentmaking sure that it complied with the CDC Safer Stays rules as required by the booking agent and our insurers.

What this means is that we have had to remove all non-essential frequent-touch items. These are loosely defined but include; books, DVDs, cushions, spare wraps & blankets, the visitors’ book and the hair dryer. In addition, new cleaning procedures are in place requiring much more time so check-in is now 5pm and check-out 9am. All of these changes can be reversed once we are cleared to do so. Hand sanitiser is provided.

On a more positive note, we have tidied the rear patio which is a real sun-trap – jet-blasting the slabs, clearing out old cushions, “gardening” and feeding the geraniums and palms and replacing the furniture.

Furniture really doesn’t last that long here due to the proximity to the sea and the salt in the air. This time, we have some comfy recliners and a couple of bright chairs made from recycled fishing nets.

We spent a happy couple of hours out there relaxing before coming home again – you can’t see the sea from there but it is warm, out of the wind, and very peaceful. Come and stay and see for yourselves 😉

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